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Welcome to The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, South Carolina!

Planted in 2007, this gem among South Carolina vineyards enjoyed its first long and "fruitful" harvest season in 2010, with an unprecedented yield of over 2 tons of delicious, nutritious Muscadine grapes of both the Carlos and Noble varieties. This little taste of Italy right at home in Swansea, South Carolina was started by a family of Italian wine makers and distributors with an initial 4 acres of beautiful, robust Muscadine vines. Our mission is to bring the time-honored traditions of Italian viticulture and winemaking into the new century through a marriage of modern agricultural techniques and ancient recipes. New efforts are made every day to increase productivity and development at The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, to ensure the unique muscadine product selection and exceptional quality that our customers have come to expect.

The Muscadine vines at The Vineyard have really filled out since the first harvest, and each year these hardy Muscadine vines continue to perform well, producing the lush and delicious signature Borgo Medioevale Muscadine Grape Juice or Cider that South Carolina natives, customers, and Buy-A-Vine supporters wait anxiously for all year long. It is indeed amazing how well Muscadine grape vines take to South Carolina's climate. Native to both North and South Carolina vineyards, Muscadine vines are especially resistant to fungus, nematodes, and the harsh area weather conditions that often prove too much for standard European grape varietals. That's why we at The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale are so proud that our Muscadine vines have survived the early years of growth and continue to bring you the high quality, antioxidant-rich Muscadine grape cider, jam and other Muscadine grape products that you have come to expect from The Vineyard. Each year, we feel truly fortunate to see even lovelier, more expansive Muscadine vines, as the vineyard matures, so that we may bring you the best quality, freshest Muscadine grape juice and cider while consistently expanding our selection of Muscadine grape products.

We depend on your support to keep our Muscadine vines alive and well. Whether you purchase our products online, organize an event at The Vineyard or become a sponsor of Borgo Medioevale through our popular Buy-a-Vine program, we hope you will continue your generous patronage. Contact us to
schedule your event or join the Borgo Medioevale family today and receive updates on vineyard activities with a free subscription to our tri-annual newsletter, as well as a Certificate of Sponsorship, free photo of your vine, and even a personalized plaque hung proudly on your vine, with your name and message that you select. Every fruitful Muscadine vine you pledge to support through the Buy-A-Vine Program will have a bright future - thanks to you!

We welcome you to the Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, in Swansea, South Carolina. If you're looking for premier South Carolina vineyards, look no further. Here you'll find the beauty, warmth, and old world traditions of Italy right at home in the Carolinas.

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