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Borgo Medioevale was proud to present their first harvest of delicious muscadine grapes, cider, jam and other products. The rave testimonials from those who have tried our products have encouraged our staff of hard working individuals and donors who made it all possible. Read some of these fantastic testimonials and find out about the wonderful products offered by Borgo Medioevale!

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Thank you so much for the jam and cider. The jam is delicious and Charles can’t stop eating it! The jam and cider will be a great success! We wait patiently for the wine!!Love,

Marie and Charles DiFalco

The cider was thick and fruity-tasting. To my taste, it has the right amount of sweetness. I would guess it was made from the Noble grape, because of its mild flavor.As for the pie, it reminded me of cherry pie, although the distinctive muscadine flavor came through on occasion.Best to you & Greg,

Dr. Kurt Fisher

Thank you so much for the jam and cider. Jamie has finished two bottles of the cider already and can’t wait to get another. The jam is perfect on toast for breakfast and it is wonderful knowing that she has something so healthy (without the preservatives of store-bought jam) before she goes off to school.Looking forward to any other products you are offering.Thank you again,

Dawn Kraus

A great alternative to Coca-Cola and other sugary soda products!Thanks,

Andrew DiFalco

Many thanks for the cider and preserves. The cider was super! Good luck next year with your crop. Again, many thanks.

Elaine in Bayshore, NY

The most delicious chocolates we've ever eaten - move over Godiva! Please make up an additional 5 boxes of 20 bon-bons each for me. Thank you!

Amalia DeMatteo DonVito

I enjoyed my telephone visit with you. We love the cider (the Muscadine Grape Cider Blush). Looking forward to seeing the catalog. Thank you!

Marie T, Gaston, South Carolina

I have bought over 500 pieces of your Muscadine chocolate bonbons and I love them! I've given them away at Christmas, in the office, and to my friends and family, and everyone just raves about them. We can't get enough. Thank you for bringing your wonderful muscadine grape products to New York.

Sue B, Sayville, NY

Warm up some muscadine grape cider and put a little Triple Sec or Grand Marnier into it. It's absolutely fantastic!

Christine DiFalco

The muscadine grape cider is great hot or cold. I water it down to make it last longer, then heat it and mix it with my favorite liqueurs. Perfect on a cold winter's night!

Jean Lauro, Budd Lake, NJ

I had the opportunity to taste a Borgo Medioevale treat this weekend: "Musca-drizzle." (Think Muscadine jam, but lighter in texture.) It was mixed in a fruit salad as a topper, and a more unexpected, delightful surprise I could not have imagined. The sweetness of the liquid perfectly offset the tartness of the fruit in the salad. If my fiancee had let me, I would have eaten the entire platter. As someone without a sweet tooth, I must say that this drizzle - exactly like the jam - is one of the smoothest, richest tasting products I've had the pleasure to try. I can't wait to try to the wine.

Michael Abatemarco, NJ

My mother loved the muscadine grape cider I bought from you and gave her for Christmas. And thank you for the bonus jar of muscadine grape preserves! I just placed another order for 6 more bottles that should arrive to my mom in time for Valentine's Day. Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Stephanie H., Fayetteville, NC