Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale Announces Addition of Certified Cellar Manager

SWANSEA, SOUTH CAROLINA June 29, 2012 -- The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale is pleased to announce the addition of a Certified Cellar Manager to its ranks: Mr. Dexter Lee of Herndon, Virginia.

Mr. Lee completed the International Wine Guild’s Level I Certification course to become a Certified Cellar Manager on August 21, 2011. This is the first of several classes that are required to receive an accredited certification as a Sommelier. He will be taking the Level II Certification course, which runs for a week, this Fall.

Part of Mr. Lee’s job at The Vineyard is to research new methods of production. He is currently compiling a list of necessary resources, equipment and materials needed to open The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale’s new winery and warehouse, tentatively scheduled for late Fall, 2012.

Mr. Lee is also a regular contributor to The Vineyard’s seasonal newsletter. His “Viniferous Victuals” column features the Muscadine grape products grown and produced at The Vineyard used in upscale food and beverage recipes.

When called for comment, The Vineyard’s Founder, Dr. Lucinda Cassamassino DiFalco said, “We’re so very lucky to have Dexter as a vital part of our venture. His dedication to improving himself and every project he embarks upon is more than just impressive: it’s an integral part of moving our organization forward. We want everyone to know how terrific the Muscadine, America’s First Grape™, really is, and having a certified Sommelier at the [soon to be opened] winery will show potential customers that we care about crafting only the best possible Muscadine grape products.” Dr. Cassamassino DiFalco went on the say that the recipes are a result of Mr. Lee’s, “refined palate, innate curiosity and creativity, and [of course] love of all things oenological and gastronomical. His creativity astounds us every time.”

The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale was first planted in 2007. L C Development, LLC, the company that owns the Borgo Medioevale vineyard and label, will distribute the cider and other Muscadine-based items nationwide with an emphasis on the Northeast, an area which has never before had an opportunity to enjoy these unique Muscadine treasures. At The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, additional vineyard acreage is scheduled to be planted and maintained in an eco-friendly way, to enhance local agriculture and create jobs while holding true to the company’s mission of fostering the harmonious co-existence of Man, Industry and Nature.

For further information about The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, please contact:
Lucinda Cassamassino DiFalco, M.A., Ph.D
Founder, President & CEO of Borgo Medioevale
(516) 581-8620