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Vineyard At Borgo Medioevale Announces Record Muscadine Grape Harvest

SWANSEA, SOUTH CAROLINA September 22, 2011 -- Despite plenty of challenges presented by Mother Nature, the Vineyard At Borgo Medioevale’s second harvest yielded more than twice as many grapes as it did during the inaugural harvest last year.

The maturation of the vines resulted in a yield that was 2.5 times larger than the 2010 harvest. Similar or even better growth can be expected next year, when the vines turn five years old. The Swansea area endured more than a week of record, 100 degree-plus heat, which resulted in drought conditions and uneven foliage growth. The latter effect impacted the vines because there weren’t enough leaves to cover grapes as they matured.

"We couldn't be happier with the harvest, especially given the volatile weather conditions we endured here in South Carolina for a while," said Borgo Medioevale Founder, President and CEO Lucinda Cassamassino DiFalco. “We can’t wait to get to work on turning these grapes into Muscadine-based products that are as delicious as they are healthy."

The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale was first planted in 2007 and just enjoyed its second harvest. Borgo Medioevale will distribute the vineyard’s wine, cider and other Muscadine-based items nationwide with an emphasis on the Northeast, an area which has never before had an opportunity to enjoy these unique Muscadine products. At The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, additional vineyard acreage is scheduled to be planted and maintained in an eco-friendly way, to enhance local agriculture and create jobs while holding true to the company’s mission of fostering the harmonious co-existence of Man, Industry and Nature.

For further information about The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, please contact:
Lucinda Cassamassino DiFalco, M.A., Ph.D
Founder, President & CEO of Borgo Medioevale
(516) 581-8620